Pet Walking & Pet Sitting Service

Pet Sitting Pet WalkingMagic Assistants loves pets in fact most of our assistants own their own pets and knows how special they are to their family members. We have walking and sitting services available, we can make arrangements to visit your home once or twice a day to walk, feed, water and entertain your pet with love and care. Did you recently welcome home a puppy and now your trying to figure out how your going to leave the office to let him/her outside, no need to worry about house-training accidents with Magic Assistants. Our sitting services are comforting to your pet, it allows them to stay within the comforts of their own surroundings and toys. Leaving them home no longer means they have to be alone.

  • Daily Care - includes feeding, watering, clean up of messes, 25 minute walk, 10 minute special play time two times per day for a duration of 45 minutes per visit. Of course all of our visits are customizable to meet your needs.
  • Puppy Potty Training - Your new puppy is home and you have started the house training process but you have to go to work and your puppy still needs to be trained in order to adapt to living inside the home properly. Magic Assistants can set a schedule up to visit your puppy once, twice or more during work hours to continue his or her puppy training. Our visit includes feeding, watering, clean up of messes, and special puppy play time. We will take puppy outside and praise him or her when they do good to ensure the training process moves along quickly.
  • Kitty Litter Clean up
  • Pet Medicine Dispensed
  • Lawn Clean up (Messes)
  • Vet Appointments
  • Pet Supply Errands
  • Socialization - Puppies love to play and socializing your puppy with strangers and other pets makes your puppy more adaptable to life around him. Your Magic Assistant can bring along their loved one during daily care or puppy potty training to walk with your pet or play with them during special play time outside.

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