Service & Repair Waiting Service

Service and Repair Waiting ServiceWe all have been there we called an electrician or the cable company to set up an appointment for repair, only to find out that the repair wait time varies from 3 to 4 hours if not more in some cases. Instead of trying to rearrange your day to accommodate their needs, Magic Assistants offers a modified house sitting service. We can patiently wait in your home for your service technician, monitor their progress and lock everything back up on our way out.

Take advantage of discounts when ordering multiple services!

While waiting patiently in your home for your service technician, contractor, delivery, or estimator we can make productive use of our time and clean your home. Order a one-time house cleaning package during the wait time of your service technician and your modified house sitting service is FREE. Now when you return home from the office your repair appointment has been completed and your home is sparkling.

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