While Away Services - House Sitting

House Sitting While Away ServiceWe offer customized services while you’re away on business, vacations and unexpected emergencies. You can rest assure that your home is being looked after with care, including the pets. Magic Assistants offers a complete customizable house check program. Standard services typically includes 2 visits to your home per day, to pick up the mail/newspaper, water the plants, open/close blinds, turn on/off lights, take out the trash, and any other task you would prefer to have done while your away.

We also offer pet checks at your home so that your pets are not under stress, they are in their own environment this way they will never feel alone and you will never have to worry about a boarding kennel. Most of our Magic Assistant's have pets of their own and know the type of love and caring they deserve, we will make sure your loved one is safe and happy. Early mornings, late evenings or afternoon walks and potty breaks are routine, and your more than welcome to outline specific time frames and schedules for us - after all were here for you! Short and Long term house sitting is available and customizable to meet your needs.

While Away Services - House Sitting Services:

  • Service Technicians, Contractors, Estimators
  • Pet Care
  • Pool / Spa Check & Maintenance
  • Heat / AC Maintenance
  • Mail / Newspaper Brought In
  • Water Plants
  • Open/Close Blinds
  • Lighting On/Off
  • Trash Maintenance
  • House Cleaning

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